We have a very capable and involving tutor team who will be there to teach and aid you throughout your time at SCH.


Liz Angell

Liz is one of the first graduates of SCH, and is a now the student co-ordinator, teaching the first aid grassroots course and materia medica. She is an enthusiastic advocator about homeopathy and has a brought her experience working within schools to work with the students and organise the college procedures . She is also a Bush Flower Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Practitioner level 1 & 2 and has Drawing and Talking Foundation and Advanced Certificates.

Hilary Barnett

Hilary Barnett

My interest in homeopathy started almost 25 years ago with the birth of my children. It has now become a passion. I trained at the College of Homeopathy and qualified in 1997 after four years professional training. I then went on to undertake Practitioner Development Training at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy and had been a core tutor with them since 2000, teaching at both colleges in London and the Lake District.

I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and for the past 14 years have run a successful homeopathic clinic in Ewell Village, Surrey.

I have also done extensive training with Steve Johnson of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project. I find that combining these essences with homeopathic remedies is the most powerful medium for facilitating change. My particular interests include teaching anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system through the chakras, combining remedies and essences, and space clearing.

Di Belton MLCH CEASE Practitioner

Di Belton

Is a Homeopath, Cease Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Advanced E.F.T and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.

My journey into homeopathy began some 18 years ago when I met up with a homeopath and started having treatment myself and became absolutely caught up in this amazing form of natural medicine. Recommending and using homeopathy for around 20 years, she is a passionate practitioner and inspiring teacher. Trained at the Lakeland college of homeopathy and then a core tutor, Di has brought her enthusiastic teaching to Southern College is now one of the core tutors of the college. Skilled as a homeopath, Di also has trained and teaches CEASE Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques or E.F.T and Matrix Reimprinting.


Pam Gray

One of our graduates, Pam is now our student mentor. She is passionate about homeopathy and homeopathic education and is part of the nurturing support that SCH offers. She is available most college weekends and can relate to many of the concern that may arise on the learning journey. She has also the benefit of an Advanced Nutrition Diploma, “I began practicing Homeopathy, and as with all professional practice, I believe I will never stop learning.”

Lorraine Grayston

Lorraine Grayston

Lorraine brings to work 20 years of experience, of being a full time practising homeopath working with adults and children and over a decade of being a core teacher and the Lakeland College of Homeopathy teaching all aspects of homeopathy including introducing Shamanism into the core curriculum. She also choreograph and facilitates an array of shamanic workshops, focussing on personal power and development, training in Shamanism, for men and women and training for women exploring all aspects of womanhood and the feminine.

Currently she works with a unique alchemy of Homoeopathy, Shamanism and personal development with individuals and with groups and is passionate about enabling people to take an active role in their own healing, to commit to becoming more conscious and fully awake and in the river and to not be defined by what others tell them to be true of themselves, unless it resonates with them.

Lorraine is one of the core tutors now at SCH

Kyriacos Hajikakou BSc(hons) BDS LDS RCS (Eng) DIHom(Pract) DFHom Dip Clin Hypnosis PGCE

is a committed user and practitioner of homeopathy and has been using homeopathy to help patients for over 24 years. He was a founder member of the British Homeopathic Dental Association and continues to serve on the committee as well as helping to organise their biennial conference. Kyriacos has lectured extensively to local dental study groups , at dental conferences , at the Tunbridge Wells Homeopathic Hospital and at the Guild of Homeopaths. His aim is to help student homeopaths integrate their knowledge of standard and esoteric anatomy and physiology into their practice of homeopathy. Kyriacos has a passion and fascination for these marvellously interesting subjects which he hopes the students will share.


Uli Holzer

graduated from the South East College of Homeopathy and has a thriving practice in Tunbridge Wells. Before becoming a homeopath Uli was a qualified nurse, specialising in Intensive Care, predominantly practising at a Homeopathic Hospital in Germany. Using her extensive medical knowledge and experience she is able to help students understand the differences between conventional medicine and holistic healing, and how to best manage patients to facilitate their healing. Uli is also a Professional Member of the Advisory Board of the International Committee of ‘The Applied Research Foundation in Homeopathy of Canada’.

Angie Jackson BA(Hons), LCH, R.Hom, MARH

Angie Jackson

Angie Jackson has been a Homeopath, Essence Practitioner and a teacher of both these healing modalities since 1991. She helped to found the Lakeland College of Homeopathy and taught many aspects of the course there for 21 years. She also co-founded Healthlines, a company which promotes and distributes Flower and other Essences from all over the world. Angie is particularly passionate about Essences – she has run many seminars on their healing qualities, and has been making her own set, the Mediterranean Essences, since 2001. She finds that combining Homeopathy and Essences in her practice deeply supports people on their journey to health, wellbeing and fulfilling their potential.

Sue Josling MARH R.Hom

Sue Josling

trained graduated in 1988 from the first full time3 year course in the UK and has been in practice since. She has taught at many of the UK colleges as well as lecturing abroad. Sue ran her own college from 1997 to 2006 in Eastbourne. Sue is Chairperson of the Homeopathic Course Providers Forum whose “aim is to promote excellence in the profession”. To complement her homeopathic practice she holds a diploma in holistic counselling, is a healer trainer for the H.P.A.I, facilitates meditation groups and teaches at the Holistic Training College, Eastbourne. Sue says “I love my job and really enjoy helping people reach their potential. I believe Homeopathy will bring people to a place they can see the choices they have in life.”

Lynne Russell BSc FSDSHom MSCH MARH MBIH(Lic.)

Lynne Russell

is a full-time homeopath, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner with practices in East and West Sussex. She has also undertaken training in coaching and mentoring and finds this to be invaluable in both her practice and teaching. Lynne has been in practice as a homeopath since 2002 and often finds herself working with people who are at crossroads in their lives. This may be around mid-life, changes in health, work, relationships or life’s direction.

Lynne has a particular interest in women’s health, and as well as giving college and post-graduate lectures, she has now written a handbook ‘Menopause: A Heroine’s Journey’.

As well as teaching at The Southern College of Homeopathy Lynne lectures at The South Downs College and runs a homeopathic lecture series in Hove.

Myriam Shivadikar

Myriam Shivadikar

Myraim studied at the OIUCM from 1984-1991, working alongside Prof. Jayasuriya, teaching homeopathy. Her training began with Acupuncture,and then homeopathy. She achieved her MD (MA) in 1990 and later a PhD in Homeopathy. She retrained in the Uk and became Vice Principal for the Practical college of Homeopathy.

Myriam has been in clinical practice for over 27 years, in the UK for the past 13, and has taught in the Uk and Internationally for over 25. She studied diet, nutrition, astrology and herbal medicine, which are incorporated in order to advise patients regarding lifestyle, and removing maintaining causes.

Since 1999 Myriam has been a lecturer at several of the top UK Homeopathic Colleges, as well as holding her own seminars internationally. In 2011 Myriam was awarded a Knighthood from the Ecumenial order of the The Knights of St John. She is currently furthering her research and writing her books on a variety of subjects.

Myriam is a captivating lecturer and we are very pleased to welcome her to the team at SCH.

Jonathan Stallick RSHom MSCH

Jonathan Stallick

has over 25 years of experience as a professional homeopath. He worked with some 500 patients with HIV/AIDS in the 1990’s and published a seminal book AIDS: The homeopathic Challenge. He has since lectured all over the world and is a popular lecturer at several UK homeopathic colleges. Jonathan practices in Hove.