We are interested in your life experience and your enthusiasm rather than any academic qualifications you may have.Most important is a passion for homeopathy, an interest in health – yours and others, an inquisitive and empathetic attitude, and a desire to learn.

The courses offered by the College are vocational. Students are drawn from a broad background with very varied experiences and skills.

Students with a genuine interest and desire to study homeopathy will find that our courses offer a fascinating specialist training!

Students do need to be able to do, or learn how to do, academic study, which will include case taking, note taking, learning about remedies and the functions of the body and how they work. However, no matter how long it has been since students last did formal study, the College tutors are committed to giving you the necessary learning support to be able to take full advantage of the course.

The work can be hard, but we find that the enthusiasm and the passion developed by students as they learn more and more about this fascinating method of healing carries them along.

  • How much home study is required?
    We estimate about 15 to 20 hours a month, but we believe that you will find this relatively easy to achieve as you will enjoy the subject so much that studying becomes second nature.
  • How are students assessed?
    There is a process of continuous assessment, through homework, class participation, tutor assessment. All the College’s assessments are about helping you to understand what has been taught. Students are asked to demonstrate their knowledge of remedies, their understanding of cases, and the different approaches to use, and about homeopathic philosophy and theory. There is also an ongoing learning journal to be developed by the student, which will go as part of your final graduation file.