NOT TOO LATE to start your training as a homeopath this year!

Talk to the Principal Mary Ellis or one of our tutors or student mentors about training as a homeopath.  We encourage you  to come and see where our school is based at Salomon’s and to ask as many question as you want.  This is an exciting time to train as a Homeopath, as CAM in general is going through something of a resurgence.  We have excellent courses that are run in a friendly and encouraging way.  Should you only want to learn about Homeopathy at a Grass Roots level, then we have the Introductory and First Aid courses running.  Should you want to know more but do not want to become a practitioner, our Foundation to Homeopathy which is a one year course would be a perfect choice.  But should you want to go onto become a practitioner, we have an excellent Professional Practitioner course running over 3 and 4 years.  Dont wait, give us a call to chat to find out if we are what you are looking for.

Call 07711 418430 or email info@southerncollegeofhomeopathy now to book your visit